2012: The Year in Social

January 18, 2013


Now that the 2012 dust has settled, take a digital journey with me in the world of social media. Shall we? Where there’s passion, there’s going to be stupid passion. – Kathleen Hessert, social media consultant, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal Social media have reached rueful adolescence as it seems every other day we read about the […]

The Headlines That Rocked Adland

January 3, 2013


By now, you’ve likely read a “Best of 2012” list or two, or twenty, but, maybe you missed the top headlines this year in adland. My favorites: Newsweek Ends in Print Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO There are likely more to add to Ad Age’s list. Which ones did you like most?

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10 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand… From the Ladies

November 21, 2012


If you follow me on Twitter, it’s no surprise to you that my ears perk when it comes to women in business and female entrepreneurs. Then it too, is no surprise that these 10 tips for building your personal brand courtesy of the #NAWBOWBC or, National Association of Women Business Owners Business Conference (whew!), are […]

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We Remember

September 11, 2012


A mindful moment in honor of the day that changed our worlds. Sitting in World History next to one of my best friends, I watched in awe as my field hockey coach turned on the TV just in time for us to witness the second tower. Pretty sure Kurt solidified his future with Marines in […]

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Inspiring Branding Examples from Small Businesses

August 20, 2012


I’m lucky enough to find daily inspiration from all of my clients. Personally, I enjoy working on the small scale and in the startup world a bit more than on the larger brands– though playing with their money surely was fun 😉 In this world, things seem to move much faster (especially with the likes […]

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