CoCo's Goodbye

Posted on January 23, 2010


When I first heard of the NBC/Tonight Show debacle with Conan O’Brien, I immediately thought back to the nights as a kid I used to convince my grandmother to let me stay up and watch the show. We’d giggle together even though half the jokes were over my head. To me, it was an extra chance to bond and at the time, more importantly, a chance to learn what types of jokes made adults laugh. I learned quickly through old Carson videos that people laughed at wild animals doing unexpected things, political innuendoes and really inappropriate stuff.

Getting used to Conan wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Gram and I agreed that he was a bit of a punk, was anything but Leno (thank goodness) and was a bit edgier than Letterman. But, as I watched him with my roommate, I realized he really became a talking head our generation needed. We could relate to the punk SNL writer who cleared his way through the corporate world to conquer a post at the desk of his dream job.

A lot of us are currently struggling to keep our sights on our dream job, carve our niche and refuse to be deflated by the corporate madness and economic turmoil that sprung from an era of greed. Although Conan’s dream only lasted seven months, it was enough to realize he got some karma coins. He explains in the most retweeted comment of his farewell, “If you work really, really hard, and you’re kind… Amazing things will happen to you.”

Thank you, CoCo for keeping that spark alive. Amazing things happened on that show last night and the farewell proves it. Anyone that garners the support of a legend like Neil Young among others, is one to watch.

Catch the final goodbye complete with musical treats here. Did you find the farewell fitting? If not, what were you anticipating? Please leave your reactions.

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