Levi’s Announces the First-Ever Levi’s Girl

Posted on July 28, 2010


Social media have spoken. The Facebook votes are in.  The 137-year-old brand has named Meghan Smith as the first-ever Levi’s girl.

In this role, Meghan, a South Carolina native living in Brooklyn, NY, is responsible for being the brand style ambassador for the women’s line and social media companion of Gareth, the Levi’s Guy. Meghan will move to San Francisco in August to work out of the HQ where she’ll be posting inspiring looks and designs to the female fan base and millions of worldwide followers. During this six-month brand immersion, she will also be involved in covering news within the community as well as live branding events.

Here’s a look at Meghan’s debut video in which she shows Gareth her Brooklyn neighborhood.

A few weeks ago, Levi’s nominated five women who entered the Facebook contest with 2:40 minute video entries telling the brand reasons they should be the first Levi’s Girl.  Edelman helped create and host the contest as they did with the MTV TJ contest.

Full disclosure: I’m slightly saddened by the news. I consulted a good friend of mine and helped produce her video entry but she unfortunately wasn’t nominated. Despite the news, she realized the journey itself was an adventure (we did have a lot of fun branding her with this video) and that was success enough for the two of us. We got down to what made her click (on the Facebook ad for the contest), what made her warm and fuzzy for the brand and what the brand’s spotted history meant for the future and the environment. By the end of this project, personal branding beat big name branding. Luckily, the nominee we hoped (and voted) for won.

Cheers to Meghan on her upcoming branding adventure! We eagerly look forward to the ideas she’ll socially channel through the long-standing brand. Best of luck, Levi’s Girl!