2012: The Year in Social

Posted on January 18, 2013


Now that the 2012 dust has settled, take a digital journey with me in the world of social media. Shall we?

Where there’s passion, there’s going to be stupid passion. – Kathleen Hessert, social media consultant, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal

Social media have reached rueful adolescence as it seems every other day we read about the next biggest #FAIL on Twitter. So it’s no surprise the following headline topped SmartBrief’s most-shared, most-read social media stories.

Can you guess the other leading stories? Some may surprise you…

What do you expect will be your greatest social media challenge in 2013? SmartBrief readers say:

  1. Getting fans to respond to a call to action (31%)
  2. Measuring results (27%)
  3. Creating content (22%)
  4. Attracting fans (9%)
  5. Something else (6%)
  6. Providing customer service (5%)

For further reading about the never-ending Facebook changes, how to use Pinterest, and the best blogging tools, don’t miss Social Media Examiner’s top articles of 2012. While you’re at it, check out their list of the best social media blogs. Visit the five randomly selected blogs out of 750 (!) below. And mom still says social is a fad?

  1. Content Marketing Cardiology
  2. Social Fresh
  3. Socially Sorted
  4. Heidi Cohen
  5. 60 Second Marketer

Stay strong my social media friends. And stay tuned for what you know is coming next!