prix fixe

thank you for your curiosity. that’s actually what brought me here.

i’m @mandylipka, a lovechild of the ’60s with a soul from the ’70s who was born in the ’80s, smells like the ’90s and yearns for the roaring ’20s in the ’10s (a.k.a. a millennial).

growing up among a generation of dreamers spawned a fascination with artscience: the passionate process of creating to develop greater knowledge (in media and life at large); consider black + white, right + left, old + new, classic + modern. together,  i believe, components of dichotomies can make mash-up magic. and mash-ups like artscience help form bridges across chasms that divide our cultural institutions and communities.

in my young years, i’ve bought into the idea that the ultimate brand exists at the intersection of art + science. join me for brunch as i aim to uncover who’s whom among artscience brands. your insight, comments and food for thought are very welcome at this table. cheers!

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